Are your products gluten free?

Yes! Our Dark Chocolate Bars are 100% gluten free.

Are your products dairy free?

Yes! Our Dark Chocolate Bars are 100% dairy free.

What is Cocoa Butter? 

Cocoa butter is an edible vegetable fat extracted from the cocoa bean. It is used to make chocolateCocoa butter has a cocoa flavor and aroma and its best known attribute is its melting point just below human body temperature. Cocoa butter is becoming increasingly expensive and because of that substitutes have been designed to use as alternatives. In the United States, 100% cocoa butter must be used for the product to be called chocolate. Some food manufacturers substitute less expensive materials such as vegetable oils in place of cocoa butter. We do not. All Kind Candy believes you deserve the best! Do not be fooled by lesser quality products.

How much should I eat?

Well, Watson, that depends. Please, check yourself before you wreck yourself. We believe you may want to start with one square and go from there.

What is the incubation time?

Well, Watson, that depends. Time flies when you are having fun. We believe effectiveness occurs about 1 hour after ingestion.

How do I order wholesale?

If you have interest in a wholesale account, please contact us via our Contact Us link.